Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Trash the dress coming down under September 28, 2007

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Trash the Dress is coming down under, and it was about time.
Trash The Dress has been hugely popular in the US inspiring photographers and brides as well as grabbing the media spot light around the globe.
Trash The Dress Australia is the official sister site of Trash The Dress and Trash The Dress Europe. We will be showcasing some of our amazing homegrown talent

So what is the fuss all about, why trash the dress?! Trashing the dress is not about setting out to destroy the dress, but rather it’s about creating amazing and unique wedding images without regard to the dress, without worrying about every spec of dirt. Instead the photographers and brides who ‘get it’ are about pushing the boundaries of creative photography. Take the dress down from it’s sacred pedestal and create art.
A recent survey showed that 80% of wedding dresses end up in a box in the cupboard. Let’s face it, your daughter is not going to wear your old yellowing dress to her wedding! So save the dress from a fate worse than death! That of being stuck in a box for eternity with nothing but mothballs for company, get in touch one of the photographers listed on this site, or point your own photographer to this site and trash a dress.

And the truth is that most of the dresses don’t actually get trashed literally, they may get dirty and wet, but in most cases dry cleaning will get the dress looking great again.

How to trash the dress; there is no set way of doing this, the whole point to think outside the box and get creative. Dress trashings have been done on exotic beaches, urban cities, rat invested alleys, swamps, swimming pools, city fountains, railway yards, museums, caves etc. For some inspiration look through the pages of Trash The Dress

Is is a fad or is it a trend, only time will tell, but the original site just celebrated it’s 1.000.000th visitor in less than a year, so the trend is going strong. In the meantime, Mark Eric the brainchild behind the original trashthedress site is working on a new site to keep pushing the boundaries of non traditional wedding photography.

Recently the European sister site Trash The Dress Europe was launched and already attracted a large number of visitors and features some amazing work by photographers from all over Europe. So check it out.
If you still need a reason to trash the dress, have a look at this comment by Mark Eric why-trash-the-dress

be brave, make art not war!

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