Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

on the farm November 9, 2007

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Contributed by Leonie Allan

We did this TTD session on a friend’s farm – the wide open fields, cow sheds and lake made it a beautiful place for a photoshoot. Our gorgeous model Kaylia wore some kicking cowgirl boots under her 1960’s inspired dress to get in the farm mood.

The gift that is Kaylia: not only is she a talented writer, a dear spirit sister, a healer and a crazy adventure lover, but she is startlingly beautiful with Raven hair, Pacific eyes and Dove skin. And she has one of those wild woman hearts who will climb water towers in high heeled cowgirl boots just for that one shot. Or drape herself over a fallen tree in the middle of a lake. Or canoe out into the lake in gusty mad wind just to stand up for a photo.

The challenges of the shoot included weather that changed from pouring with rain to high-contrast sun in a span of five minutes and wind so gusty that we could only get the canoe out onto the river for 30 seconds before it landed back onshore again. All in a wonderful day’s fun!

You can check out more photos on my photography blog ~

Blessings of good light to you!






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