Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Brisbane CBD – Southbank December 29, 2007

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Contributed by Justine & Ben Rugers

Bec wanted to trash her dress from early on, and she was not shy about it at all. We headed out to Southbank in the Brisbane CBD. Lots of people and it was school holidays too. Nat (Bec’s Husband) came along too and even jumped in for some photos with Bec. You would think sunny Queensland would produce some sunny weather, but we were being chased by the rain the whole time, luckily it didn’t matter if her dress got wet!










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2 Responses to “Brisbane CBD – Southbank”

  1. James Day Says:

    Ben & Justine. Great to see you doing this trash the dress session. I think it was a great idea that Chris & Kate got this website going. What a great way to show the world your gorgeous images!


  2. Ben Rugers Says:

    Thanks James, Yeah Chris and Kate are troopers. As if they don’t alraedy have enough on their plate without running another website too!!
    I am glad that they took the initiative to start the australian site.

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