Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Gold Coast Dress Trashing January 26, 2008

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Contributed by Deb Amsler.

Mel and Dave were married in September 2007 and during the wedding, we started talking about Trash the Dress. Well, Mel’s eyes lit up and said, let’s do it!!

Fast forward to 21st January, with the Gold Coast Bulletin ( in tow, we traipsed to a secret location on the Gold Coast and threw Mel in the water… well, not actually threw, but you get the idea.

Mel has a degree in photography, so she was a most enthusiastic victim, er model. We started with her wedding dress, and the water was actually fresh rainwater surrounded by ti-trees, so not as bad as it looks!

After we’d smeared mud all over her (heeheehee) we asked her to don “our” wedding dress and she was more than happy to have a play around in the voluminous creation.
Mel’s husband Dave was a very willing spectator and accompanied us on the shoot. Thanks Dave!!


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4 Responses to “Gold Coast Dress Trashing”

  1. Deb Amsler Says:

    Hey Ben – thanks!! Loving your stuff!!

  2. Mel Tait Says:

    you two are the cheekiest buggars i know!! love ya work!!

  3. Christaa Says:

    Beautiful pictures.Love the contrast.

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