Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Gold Coast Spit February 1, 2008

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Contributed by Vincent

I met up with Tammy & Mark at the Marriott Hotel at Surfers Paradise, they
were in the bar getting into the “Spirit of things”, Tammy and Mark were
wonderful to work with, she was keen to try anything I suggested, and from
our email chat she knew what i was looking for.

We had both seen a lot of “Trash The Dress” images and to be honest we
both said that were a little bored with them, beautiful images but, there
didnt seem to be much fun being had. Tammy and I had exactly the same
ideas, When you do something like this it should be fun, We set out to do
just that.

First we went to the Gold coast spit and got some great images of them on
the jetty with some waves breaking over the sea wall, and on the wonderful
rocks on the jetty, then it was back down the pub for a bit more getting
into the” spirit of things” before we hit the beach, oppersite Sea World.

The sun had pretty much gone down and it was just what i wanted, we had to
work quickly, Firstly I had them do a few runs up the beach and in the
surf to get things rolling, then we got them into the sea, Tammy and Mark
were both having a good time and it really showed on there faces and in
the images. My thanks to Heath & Greg who came along to assist and get a
few images, i cant wait to see what they came up with.










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3 Responses to “Gold Coast Spit”

  1. Melody Stephen Says:

    I love Tammy and Mark’s Trash The Dress photo’s! They are amazing, candid and fun! I Trashed my dress, but unfortunately I don’t have any beautiful photos to show for it.

  2. Roberta Says:

    Trash the Dress? I can’t see any trash in these photos. All I can see is HOT, HOT, HOT. I will definitely be Trashing my dress if this is the result. Love the dark clouds. Fantastic.

  3. tams Says:

    well vince, what can i say… i think the images are without a doubt awesome!!
    As it more tells a story of the two of us and they are not just pics…
    but even though we had heaps of fun it would not of been possible without such an easygoing photographer! (with fun being the main theme i knew we would get along) lol.
    What a great way to spend australia day!

    so doing something diffrent then the “typical trash the dress”… i believe we have done that!

    thanks heaps!
    tams & mark

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