Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Trash the dress – Mount Dandenong April 8, 2008

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Contributed by Jessie Broome

It took me awhile to find the right person for my first dress trashing session. Alot of people thought I was insane and alot of people did not want to do anything to their dress. Enter Leigh – married a few years ago, her dress has just been sitting there…waiting…

From our first email exchanges back and forth I knew that this girl would be up for anything. So we set up a day, booked the wonderful Annie to do make up and off we went. Melways in hand and a rough idea of what we wanted we set forth on our adventure. We started off in the Mount Dandenong area and found a great little creek (thank goodness for recent rains!) of course while we were there in the freezing stream a little old man was filling up water bottles in the creek….he seemed a bit bemused and offered suggestions before going on his way. Then we headed down to black rock beach where at one stage we had a fair few people on the looking down at us from the lookout….Leigh, being the obliging girl that she is, gave them a little wave before hiking up a saturated wedding dress and scaling a cliff face! I had a blast and the email I received from Leigh this morning makes me think she did too!

“I just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts yesterday. I not only enjoyed the experience immensely, but spending the day with you was like spending the day with a good friend. Your fun attitude and humorous personality really helped make the day into a adventure, and I doubt anyone else could have done a better job. Not only were you fun to work with, but your professionalism as a photographer and someone whom is dedicated to her art, shone through.”

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3 Responses to “Trash the dress – Mount Dandenong”

  1. […] also were honoured to be featured on the Trash The Dress Australia blog. We have had an awsome response the the TTD session we posted and have added some more below […]

  2. JB Says:

    yes you are on yr way to some great ttd art. anyone who claims that ttd is *not* about the dress, however, needs to see and appreciate #3. to me, top-notch ttd should focus at least one shot on the dress detail, be it water dripping off, sand caught in beading etc.

    I look forward to seeing more of this solid and creative work! cheers JB 🙂

  3. Cherrie Says:

    OMG how cool.. i love these pics.. how do i get to have a turn of trashing my dress.. ?

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