Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

TTD regulars get awards at QAPPA April 15, 2008

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Ben Rugers from Inifinity Studios and Deb Amsler and Michaela Elphick from Bliss Photography are both contributers to this site. So we were pretty excited when both won 2 silvers each at the recent QAPPA.

With so many talented photographers in QLD the 2008 EPSON AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards was always going to be hotly contested; so getting 2 silvers is fantastic.


And here we have 2 images by Infinity Studios that received the silver awards.


4 Responses to “TTD regulars get awards at QAPPA”

  1. Steven Jones Says:

    That is great news, what category did they recieve their awards in? Are we going to get to see the images?

    Cheers, Steven

  2. trashthedressaustralia Says:

    Hi Steven,
    I’ll be posting up some of the winning images up ASAP.


  3. Ben Rugers Says:

    Hi Steven

    I won the awards in the wedding category. I did enter some TTD images also, but these were not received well by the judges. Alot of judges are unaware of what TTD is. As TTD images have not been taken at a wedding, they can not be entered into the wedding category. But the problem with this is that if you put images of a bride into the portrait category, they mark it down because they think it should be in the wedding category. Hopefully they will start to catch on to this fabulous opportunity to think outside the square.

    Cheers, Ben

  4. Awesome work Ben. Stunning images!


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