Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Trash The Dress Photoshoot October 8, 2008

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Contributed by Michael Materazzi

I have three shots from a recent Trash The Dress Photoshoot. The day was rainy, gray, and offered little light. We used some 1200W spots, which were not nearly enough but as I don’t have a lot of equipment, I made due. This particular shoot was the concept of the filmographer. I was basically assigned to get what I could while not interfering with his film positioning, lighting, etc. However, I was allowed to set up the shot of the subject being doused with paint.

I used a Nikon D50 with wide angle lens. I was forced to use an ISO setting of 800, which as you know, is not ideal on a D50. Grain is apparent at over 100% viewing. Still, the shots are unique, especially the two with paint, and might offer a different perspective of Trashing the Dress. We took that concept literally.

The day was fun in spite of the bad conditions and many of those who have seen my work are inquiring about how they can do a similar shoot.

Michael Angelo Design


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