Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Latest from Angelic Photographics March 8, 2010

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TTD Marburg April 16, 2009

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Contributed by Ange B
30th January 2009.Locations: Woodlands of Marburg and Cedar Creek Falls. Emma and Adrian were more than happy to do anything for Trash the Dress. We had great fun and captured some amazing images at both locations. What I love about the TTD sessions is that we have all the time in the world with no pressure.I recommend it to all brides that like to do something a little different and have a ball doing it.
Angie B



Debbie’s Gold Coast TTD shoot April 15, 2009

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Contributed by Vincent Swift.

Debbie has wanted to do a TTD shoot for ages, we have tried to do it a few
times but keep getting hit with bad weather or sickness.

When we did get around to doing the shoot it was no different, Debbie
wasn’t feeling her best, then she was caught in road works and was late to
the shoot, it was 4.30pm and light was going fast when we finally started
shooting, and then it started to rain, but like true professionals we shot

I was amazed at the results, the video and stills came out really well.

Vincent Swift Photography’s website


Gold Coast Spit TTD May 12, 2008

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Contributed by Vincent Swift

On Sunday afternoon I went down to the Gold Coast to do another “Trash The
Dress” shoot. I have photographed Nicolas family previously, and when she
came to my studio for her family portrait viewing she saw my “Trash the
dress” print on the wall. When i explained what it was she was very keen
to do a shoot as well.

Nicola has been married a while but it was a great excuse to wear the
wedding dress again, I think a lot of brides never expect to wear there
dress again, so when you can present a opportunity too, they jump at it.
Having such a very different concept of what sort of images I want to
create, people really embrace at the opportunity of doing something a
little different and a bit outside the square.

This was a little different as we had some of the bridal party to trash
too, the shoot was done on the north side of the gold coast spit where the
water is calm and there are very few waves. This gave me the opportunity
to do something different from my other shoots.

Greg Norris came along to second shoot for me and got some fantastic
images of the kids together, also he was a great to have help in trying to
perfect my overhead shots. (Still working on them, but getting there).

Thanks to Nicola & Justin for being so much fun to shoot.

Vincent Swift Photography’s website


TTD at the The Atherton Tablelands QLD April 25, 2008

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Contributed by Tracey & Bob Hayes

We have some of the most amazing natural scenery up here, so shooting this “Trash the Dress” session at a spectacular waterfall on The Atherton Tablelands was a great day out, combing two of my life passions: photography and the great outdoors! It was heaps of fun too!

Photographing Lidia and Doug’s wedding in May last year was such a pleasure that they were my first choice candidates for a “trash the dress” photo session! I was pretty sure that Lidia would be up for anything! And she was! Her and Doug were great! We had a bit of a hike to get to the location and the water was quite chilly, but they were not deterred!

Azure Photography’s website


Passion the day after – Gold Coast April 16, 2008

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Contributed by Craig – Two Photographers

Two Photographer’s website


TTD regulars get awards at QAPPA April 15, 2008

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Ben Rugers from Inifinity Studios and Deb Amsler and Michaela Elphick from Bliss Photography are both contributers to this site. So we were pretty excited when both won 2 silvers each at the recent QAPPA.

With so many talented photographers in QLD the 2008 EPSON AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards was always going to be hotly contested; so getting 2 silvers is fantastic.


And here we have 2 images by Infinity Studios that received the silver awards.