Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Trash the dress with C & J September 30, 2008

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Contributed by Casandra Anguita Deep

This TTD was held in a secret location with just C and J. The idea is to
trash a wedding dress or just do things that you just wouldn¹t normally do
in a wedding dress. It was an amazing day and even though it was quite cold,
we had the best time running around like crazy in the wind. C and J were up
for anything and enjoyed themselves hugely.

Caspix’s website


we are still here July 22, 2008

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It’s been a bit quite around here lately. This is mainly due to the fact that we have been busy looking after our business, opening a new shop and shooting a few weddings overseas in the last 2 months.

We have received plenty of submissions so we will start to process and post them again ASAP.


Chris – TTD administrator


TTD in the Blue Mountains May 29, 2008

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Contributed by Rebecca Olsen

This TTD session was shot in the Lower Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. After several weeks of cancelling due to bad weather, we were finally blessed with a gorgeous autumn day. The water was close to freezing, but Jenna put on a brave face and let me capture some amazing images.

Model: Jenna Moss

Make-up: Tamee Brancati

Rebecca Olsen Photography’s website


Underwater TTD May 27, 2008

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Contibuted by Tim Boehm

After two hours taking the usual (and some not so usual) bridal photos of Alicia at Blackalls Park, see exhibit A & B – I asked if she was interested in going for a swim at the local heated swimming pool. To my surprise she said yes.

Tim Boehm Photography’s website


TTD in ACT May 25, 2008

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Contributed by Steven Murray

We were very lucky to have an amazing model (Nina) who helped make the day a fantastic experience for the four photographers who dragged her around old rail yards and the run down brick works.

It was interesting to see the way in which each person interpreted a possible shot and how they made use of the various backgrounds and poses.
The shoot went all day and these are only a fraction of what I took.

Creative Image Photography’s website


Trash the dress – Mustang style May 14, 2008

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Contributed by Mira

These guys love Mustangs and it was only fitting to grab one for a trash the dress session. Dejana and Robert were really keen on the idea of a TTD session so off we went out to the back farms of Sydney. We had a plot to the story on the day and we went for it. No time limits and no constraints and we didn’t hold back! These guys were brilliant and up for a challenge.

These images were from one of the locations on the day.

Images by Mira’s website


Gold Coast Spit TTD May 12, 2008

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Contributed by Vincent Swift

On Sunday afternoon I went down to the Gold Coast to do another “Trash The
Dress” shoot. I have photographed Nicolas family previously, and when she
came to my studio for her family portrait viewing she saw my “Trash the
dress” print on the wall. When i explained what it was she was very keen
to do a shoot as well.

Nicola has been married a while but it was a great excuse to wear the
wedding dress again, I think a lot of brides never expect to wear there
dress again, so when you can present a opportunity too, they jump at it.
Having such a very different concept of what sort of images I want to
create, people really embrace at the opportunity of doing something a
little different and a bit outside the square.

This was a little different as we had some of the bridal party to trash
too, the shoot was done on the north side of the gold coast spit where the
water is calm and there are very few waves. This gave me the opportunity
to do something different from my other shoots.

Greg Norris came along to second shoot for me and got some fantastic
images of the kids together, also he was a great to have help in trying to
perfect my overhead shots. (Still working on them, but getting there).

Thanks to Nicola & Justin for being so much fun to shoot.

Vincent Swift Photography’s website