Trash the Dress Australia!

Trash the dress Australia!

Trash the dress – Mount Dandenong April 8, 2008

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Contributed by Jessie Broome

It took me awhile to find the right person for my first dress trashing session. Alot of people thought I was insane and alot of people did not want to do anything to their dress. Enter Leigh – married a few years ago, her dress has just been sitting there…waiting…

From our first email exchanges back and forth I knew that this girl would be up for anything. So we set up a day, booked the wonderful Annie to do make up and off we went. Melways in hand and a rough idea of what we wanted we set forth on our adventure. We started off in the Mount Dandenong area and found a great little creek (thank goodness for recent rains!) of course while we were there in the freezing stream a little old man was filling up water bottles in the creek….he seemed a bit bemused and offered suggestions before going on his way. Then we headed down to black rock beach where at one stage we had a fair few people on the looking down at us from the lookout….Leigh, being the obliging girl that she is, gave them a little wave before hiking up a saturated wedding dress and scaling a cliff face! I had a blast and the email I received from Leigh this morning makes me think she did too!

“I just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts yesterday. I not only enjoyed the experience immensely, but spending the day with you was like spending the day with a good friend. Your fun attitude and humorous personality really helped make the day into a adventure, and I doubt anyone else could have done a better job. Not only were you fun to work with, but your professionalism as a photographer and someone whom is dedicated to her art, shone through.”

J Studios’s website


Trash the Saree – Alternative Asian Wedding Photography April 5, 2008

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One innovative group of British photographers have aimed to shake up the usually conservative Indian/Pakistani communities with Trash The Saree.

From the AWPF website:
Trash the Saree is about taking unique, abstract, artistic images of brides in surreal locations. Most asian wedding photographs are taken in parks, flower gardens with plenty or greenery. It’s a trend that has always stuck and never changed.

The AWPF’s aim is to change all of that and raise the standard in this style of photography. However, with imagination and and the right location, awe inspiring images can be created. So, “Trash The Saree” isn’t about trashing the saree literally, but using the wedding clothes for an alternative style of photography.

The AWPF is proudly at the forefront of this wedding revolution and members will be posting their Trash the Saree sessions over the coming months.

Check out the images below by members of the AWPF
















Trash the Dress with Alison April 3, 2008

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Contributed by Adam Cavanagh

Ugly locations are some of the best spots for Trash the Dress sessions. The contrast of the beautiful bride in a ugly location lends itself to some fantastic fashion style images. In this shoot with Alison we found this great location, and had heaps of fun ‘trashing’ it. Captured some great sexy images for her which made a great anniversary gift.
So when you’re thinking of a location for your shoot, you can think outside the box…. beautiful beaches and waterfalls are fantastic for TTD, but there are other options available like this.









Adam Cavanagh Photography’s website


Trash the Dress in Adelaide April 1, 2008

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Contributed by Kevin & Natasha de Lacy
On a sunny, breezy, but not too cold day in February, I met with Tanya & Alex at one of Adelaide’s southern beaches. The location was perfect: Dunes, expanses of flat sand, and of course, the only water South Australia has in plentiful supply!

‘It’s OK,’ said Tanya, ‘I just want this shoot to be completely different to the wedding…’.

It was different alright. Instead of the city centre and the botanic gardens, we were at the beach in bare feet. We took it easy on the dress (which had been dry-cleaned and mended!!) to start with. Then, after some shots in and on the sand, into the drink they went.

The Southern ocean is not a warm one. Tanya & Alex were suffering for art here. They were great sports, and enjoyed the shoot – icy water and all!

Lion & Blue’s website


Trash the Dress in Ipswitch March 27, 2008

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Contributed by Angela






Angelic Photographics website


Trash the dress – Fiji – the video March 21, 2008

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Contributed by Chris & Kate
When Kate and I flew to Fiji to photograph Ileana & Paul’s wedding we had no intention of shooting some video footage. We literally bought the video camera at the airport duty free shop for family purposes and we have absolutely no experience shooting video.

The day after the wedding we headed to the island across from the resort to shoot the trash the dress session. We took our video cam along just to play around really and shoot ourselves shooting. In the end we didn’t take much footage as Kate and I both were so into the shoot that we hardly picked up the cam.

After reviewing the footage we realized that while we may be über photographers, sadly we really suck at video. At the same time we wanted a way to replay the fun we had on the day.

So we approached Troy from Encore Media one of the videographers we recommend to our brides for weddings and asked him what he could do for us. He obviously liked a challenge and managed to merge some of the footage with our images to create a decent show.

A huge thanks to Ileana and Paul for trusting us to shoot their amazing wedding and letting us do our thing at the trash the dress session.
and a big thanks to Troy from Encore Media for using his über video post production skills to make the video what it is.

über photography’s website


Trash the Dress – Coogee March 19, 2008

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Contributed by Adam Cavanagh

Had the pleasure of doing a Trash the Dress shoot with newlyweds Natalie and Gordon. We did the shoot in a beautiful area of Coogee. I tried to keep them relatively dry during the first part of the shoot, but within a few minutes of shooting a big wave came and thoroughly soaked them to the bone. But it was a lot of fun and we got some great shots.

Cavanagh Photography’s website